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Sand Stock Piling Services

The construction industries rely heavily on hydraulic lagoon sands for part of its aggregate mix in the production of concrete and bricks. Sand grains of different sizes and chemical compositions are required by builders and contractors to execute their projects. The company has the capability of dredging various sand stock pile types to meet the construction industry’s demand. Strategic stock piles have been pumped for various commercial ventures which market sand. These services are central to the activities of the company. Barito today uses only 30% of its production for resale to the local market, and yet has 60% market share.

Channel Dredging

It is the deepening and the widening of a section of the river for the purpose of creating a route for ferrying or ship pass through. The depth depends on the weight of the vessels involved. It is also necessary to deepen the lagoons and rivers, avoiding areas around to be flooded by the waters on rainy seasons.

Land Reclamation & Sand filling

Hydraulic land reclamation techniques allow for the conversion of low-lying swamp land into economically useful landfills which can be used for urban and industrial purposes. Dredged materials from various bodies of water within the lagoons are used to reclaim the adjacent foreshore. This is an economical solution to the problems of industrial and urban expansion. Barito Contractor has the perfected skills of converting low-lying swamp into the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing valuable pieces of waterfront real estate for numerous clients. It has today reclaimed land directly from lagoon shore that was 10 meters deep, where only 60% of its production went towards land reclamation. (...)


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