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There are many landscapes in Africa: economic, social, physical. Barito Contractor's work affects them all. With our unique experience, our set of dedicated people and our true drive for innovation help us break new ground wherever we go. We provide strong foundations for future developments on land, water and anywhere in between.

BARITO CONTRACTOR is a Limited Liability company in Ivory Coast’s legislation created on September 29th, 2005 with a capital of 900 000 000 CFA francs. It has its head office in Abidjan on the boulevard Valéry Giscard d'Estaing and has for objects:

  • Any activities of extraction of products from the ground, dredging, purification of river waters and lagoons, sand filling, land reclamation, stock piling, transport, marketing in any kinds of goods, in particular sand;
  • Any activities of construction;
  • Any activities of import-export;
  • Any activities of purchases, sale, distribution of materials (equipments);
  • Any activities of brokerage and services;
  • And generally, any operations being connected directly or indirectly with the objects above.

Barito has become the leader of dredging in Ivory Coast, and while using only 60% of its capacity, it was able to develop side operations by selling one part of its sand to the market because of the increasing demand, but also by using one part of the sand in its brick factory to meet the demand in quality bricks. Once land has been reclaimed, it then leaves room for development projects to come into action, rendering waterfronts aesthetically pleasing.


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